Study into the impacts of the pandemic on the activities of folk dance groups

The Corona pandemic has dramatically changed our lives. The practice of dance, music and conviviality has been restricted. Our dance group's life is at a standstill.
 Postponed dates and cancelled meetings have demotivated members and there is still much uncertainty as to whether groups will meet again when pandemic conditions allow.

But all is not lost! Digital formats and new ideas have kept many groups together and have helped many people to overcome social isolation.  Change can also be a way of inspiring and keeping people together.

Hin&Weg wants to support folk dance groups and "Trachtenvereine" to find new ideas to survive during the pandemic. Please, take part in our study and help us to understand how Corona affects you and your group and what can be done to remedy this situation.

Target group of the study
Traditional and folk dancers, whether group members or not.

Data protection
The survey is anonymous. The indication of name, place and group is voluntary.

Release of results
April 2021


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